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Our History

Den-en Toshi Co., Tokyu Corporation's predecessor, is established and capitalized at 500,000 yen


Den-en Toshi Co. begins selling real estate in the residential community of Tamagawadai (now called Den-en Chofu), Japan's first "garden city" development project


Meguro-Kamata Railway Co. merges with Den-en Toshi Co.


Meguro-Kamata Railway Co. merges with Tokyo-Yokohama Railway Co.; company name changed to Tokyo-Yokohama Railway Co.


Tokyo-Yokohama Railway Co. merges with Keihin Electric Railway Co. and Odakyu Railway Co. to establish Tokyo Express Railway Co. (Tokyu Corporation)


Tokyu Corporation spins off real estate division that becomes Tokyu Land Corporation (TLC); the subsidiary is capitalized at 300 million yen

Real estate sales, gravel, recreational facility, and advertising business operations are transferred from Tokyu Corp. to TLC (Chairman: Keita Goto, President: Noboru Goto)


TLC merges with Nihon Kogyo Co. and inherits its insurance agency and warehouse businesses

TLC begins selling new subdivisions in the areas of Okurayama Bairin, Hiyoshi, and Kikuna


TLC enters the real estate leasing market

Construction of Daikanyama Tokyu Apartment (Japan's first luxury apartment complex for foreign nationals) completed


TLC listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Shibuya sales office opens, marking TLC's full-scale entry into the real estate intermediary business


Construction business assets and trade rights transferred to newly-established Tokyu Construction Co.


Assets and trade rights concerning advertising business are transferred to newly-established Tokyu Agency, Inc.

TLC reassigned to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Work begins on the Machida-Ogawa (now called Tsukushino) Development Project

TLC and Mitsubishi Bank team up to offer the "Tokyu-Mitsubishi Home Loan Program" (Japan's first loan program offered through a corporate partnership)


The first Land Price Survey is conducted and used to develop a "land price distribution chart"


TLC begins offering design supervision services


Shibuya Tokyu Plaza opens and becomes the new home of TLC headquarters


Kamata Tokyu Plaza opens


Tokyu Home Service Co. (now Tokyu Amenix Corp.), a company specializing in after-sale services for homebuyers, is established

Akasaka Tokyu Plaza opens


Tokyu Community Corp., a company specializing in building and condominium management, is established

Osaka Branch Office (now Kansai Branch Office) opens


TLC establishes Area Service Co. (now Tokyu Livable, Inc.), a company specializing in real estate referrals


Design supervision business assets and trade rights transferred to newly-established Tokyu Architects & Engineers, Inc.

TLC opens development offices in Sapporo (now the Sapporo Branches)


Ishikatsu Exterior, Inc., becomes a TLC affiliate


Tokyu Hands, Inc., a retailer of home improvement and do-it-yourself merchandise, is establised

TLC begins selling Abiko Village condominiums (a large-scale complex) and homes (2x4 construction design) in Komamusashidai


Tokyu Resort Corp., a company specializing in the sale of vacation homes is established

Noboru Goto and Hideo Matsuo are appointed as company chairman and president, respectively

Tokyu Hands Store opens in Shibuya


Sapporo Tokyu Building "PLAZA 109" opens

TLC establishes Tokyu Land Kinki Area Service Co., which later merges with Tokyu Land Area Service Co.


Sapporo Branch Office opens


TLC establishes Tokyu Home Corp., a company specializing in building design and construction subcontracting

Fujisawa Tokyu Plaza opens

Tokeminami Planned Subdivision Project launched (now Asumigaoka)


Sendai Branch Office opens

TLC headquarters moved to Shin-nanpeidai Tokyu Building



Tokyu Home & Lifestyle Research Center is established

Palau Pacific Resort opens


Tokyu Relocation Corp. is established

Tokyu Sports Oasis, Inc. is established

Tetsuro Aki appointed as company president

Niseko Internatinoal Hirafu and Niseko Weiss Ski Resorts open


TLC begins selling subdivisions in Asumigaoka


Tokyu Land Area Service Co. changes name to Tokyu Livable, Inc.

"Tokyu Harvest Club" members-only resort hotel opens in Tateshina

Tambara Ski Park opens


Tangram Madarao Tokyu Resort (multiple ski resort compound) opens

TLC begins selling subdivisions in Asumigaoka One Hundred Hills


Tokyu Home Service Co. changes name to Tokyu Amenix Corp.

Entire home sales business operations transferred to Tokyu Livable Corp.


Ski Jam Katsuyama ski resort opens


TLC Web site launched

TLC launches two new "urban-style" home series, Tokyu Select Town and Tokyu Square


Daikanyama Place, an "urban-style" commercial facility, opens


Tokyu Community Corp. listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (reassigned to the First Section of TSE in 2000)

Kayama Yuzo Museum opens


Construction begins on the Tokyu Sanbancho Building (office building)

Tokyu Livable, Inc., listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (reassigned to the First Section of the TSE in 2001)


Masatake Ueki appointed as company president

TLC establishes EWEL, Inc. (a joint venture with Toyotsu Telecom; TLC controls 65% share), a company specializing in the outsourced management of wellness and welfare benefits


Construction begins on the Nihonbashi 1-chome Project (on the site of the former Nihonbashi Tokyu Department Store), a multiple office- building complex

Harvest Club Kyu Karuizawa resort hotel opens

TLC and Tokyu Corporation establish Tokyu Real Estate Investment Management, Inc., a real estate investment consulting firm (TLC controls 49% share)

Management of 11 existing resort facilities consolidated under Tokyu Resort Service Co.


Executive officer system introduced

TLC begins selling compact metro-area condominiums under the brand name Qualia in such areas as Ginza and Ebisu

Glassarea Aoyama ("urban-style" fashion shopping center) opens

Mets Osone (large-scale, Tokai-area shopping center) opens

A portion of non-life insurance operations transferred to newly-established Tokyu Insurance Consulting Corp., a joint venture with other Tokyu Group companies (TLC controls 40% share)


TLC establishes E-Life Design, Inc., which manages and operates senior housing and a care-giving facility, with Mitsubishi Corporation (now Tokyu E-life Degign, inc.)

Tokyu Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, whose assets are managed by Tokyu Real Estate Investment Management, Inc.

Mino Market Park Visola opens, one of the biggest Shopping Centers in Kansai area


Construction completed on Nihonbashi 1-chome building (ex Nihonbashi 1-chome project) , a large-scale building complex by joint venture

Senior housing Grand Clare Azamino opens

Coredo Nihonbashi opens, the commercial zone of Nihonbashi 1-chome building

A condominium Seaside Court Series redeveloped

Private placement fund for office/housing-related properties started

A care-giving facility Grand Care Azamino opens


TLC establishes Demand-i Inc., an advertising agency for the Internet

Private placement fund for commerce-related properties started


Harvest Club Nasu opens inside the Tokyu Nasu Resort complex


The establishes Tokyu Land Capital Management Inc, a real-estate investment fund management firm.


Masatake Ueki appointed chairman of the board; Kanazashi Kiyoshi appointed president

Tokyu Harvest Club VIALA Hakone Hisui opens as the first of the VIALA series, an upgraded version of the Tokyu Harvest Club, an operation specializing in members-only resort hotels.

Tokyu Home Co. and Tokyu Amenix Corp. merge to form Tokyu Homes Corporation.


TLC establishes Tokyu Land SC Management Inc., a commercial facility management firm.

Creer Residence Sakuradai, a new residence in the senior residence series, opens

Tokyu Land Corporation Group's Social and Environmental Report 2009 issued


Totsuka Tokyu Plaza opens


Futako Tamagawa Rise Shopping Center opens.

Abeno Market Park Q’s Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in Osaka Prefecture, opens.


Tokyu Plaza Omotesando/Harajuku opens for business

Activia Properties Inc. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Comforia Residential REIT, Inc. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

TLC, Tokyu Community Corp., and Tokyu Livable, Inc. delisted Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation established