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Group Philosophy

Tokyu Land Corporation aims to create beautiful living environments as a core company of the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group, a main member of the Tokyu Group.

― Group Slogan ―
Toward a Beautiful Age―The Tokyu Group
― Group Philosophy ―
We hold this philosophy in common as we work together to create and support the Tokyu Group.
Mission Statement
We will create a beautiful living environment, where each person can pursue individual happiness in a harmonious society.
Management Policy
Work independently and in collaboration to raise Group synergy and establish a trusted and beloved brand.

・Meet current market expectations and develop new ones.
・Manage in harmony with the natural environment.
・Pursue innovative management from a global perspective.
・Value individuality and make the most of each people.

Through these means, we will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.
Guidelines for Action
・Fulfill your responsibilities.
・Collaborate to enhance each other's abilities.
・Reinvent yourself with a global awareness.