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Major Subsidiaries

Tokyu Land Corporation is a comprehensive real estate company that operates a broad range of businesses related to the living environment. The company responds to many different customer needs through a network of Group companies that are active across diverse range of businesses, such as custom-home building, renovation, landscape gardening, fitness club operation, employee benefit outsourcing services, investment management, and resort facility operation.


This company operates membership fitness clubs mainly in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and Kansai Area.

ISHIKATSU EXTERIOR INC.Landscape gardening and civil engineering

The company develops symbiotic facilities for urban shopping malls, residential houses, parks, resorts, golf courses and others, boasting a total engineering system that integrates artisan techniques with planning and design capabilities.

EWEL, Inc.Employee benefit outsourcing services

The company provides a wide range of solutions including consulting, system construction and individual services in response to diverse corporate needs associated with fringe benefi ts and health programs for employees.

TLC REIT Management Inc.Investment Management

The company was founded in April 2017 in order to manage three REITs within the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group. Under the new organizational structure, it seeks to achieve the further enhancement of investment performance.

Tokyu Land Capital Management Inc.Investment Management

The company establishes and manages core real estate funds and other privately placed funds featuring diverse asset management strategies in response to the needs of institutional investors and pension fund managers while taking active steps to invest in new opportunities with the infrastructure business and others.


This company engages in operation,management,planning,and consulting related to commercial facilities.

Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd. Urban Hotels

Tokyu Resorts & Stays is a comprehensive operating company involved with the operation of more than 100 facilities around Japan. Utilizing the operating skills we have cultivated over many years and a track record on numerous projects in the private and public sectors, we offer three operational support services: contracted operation, management agreements and consulting agreements.

Tokyu Resort CorporationResorts

This company helps customers enjoy their resort life with new commissioned sales and brokerage services for resort villas and resort condominiums nationwide, in addition to Tokyu Harvest Club membership resort hotels.


Remaining true to its business mission statement of My Own Style, for All Time the company provides senior housing and off ers care residences with nursing care support so that residents can have a safe, comfortable life in their senior years.


This company runs an urban real estate business that covers real estate sales, the leasing of owned property, and the management and operation of properties in Indonesia.

Tokyu Land US CorporationOverseas

This company runs businesses in the United States, including real estate development and lease management businesses, focused on real estate investment.


This company runs a real estate consulting business in China.It i s steadily expanding its business in this enormous market by applying the real estate experience and expertise it has developed in Japan.