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The United States

In the vast market of the United States, we established the local subsidiary Tokyu Land US Corporation. It runs a real estate investment business and a range of other businesses.

Business Expansion in The United States

The United States boasts vast territory and a population that has been rising at a higher rate than other developed countries. In 2012, we established Tokyu Land US Corporation, our local subsidiary. Working through this subsidiary, we have been promoting real estate investment in Los Angeles, New York, Houston, and other cities. We have expanded our businesses by aggressively acquiring and developing offices and apartments, as well as by participating in specific projects as an investor and developer.


425 Park Avenue

425 Park AvenueRendering

Location: New York
Site area: Approx. 2,600m2
Floors: B2-47F
Use: Offices and shops
Completion: 2019(tentative)

425 Park Avenue

Tokyu Land US Corporation

12100 Wilshire Blvd., Suite1650, Los Angeles, CA 90025