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Tokyu Land Corporation provides luxury rental condominiums for enjoying smarter urban lifestyles through Comforia and Tokyu Apartment.

Urban Rental Residences: COMFORIA

COMFORIA These leased residences, which are suitable for people who enjoy free, prosperous lifestyles in urban areas, were created based on the concept that "residences are more than just containers."
They offer a high level of comfort that exceeds expectations.

The Four Advantages of COMFORIA

COMFORIA knows how valuable time is.

Residences give you the feeling of having extra time when the things you want or want to do are within easy reach and your office is close-by. Such residences bring great advantages to your life, in addition to your everyday lifestyle.

COMFORIA knows what high quality feels like.

COMFORIA provides a wide variety of plans and variations that allow you to structure your lifestyle as you like. COMFORIA supplies functional and sophisticated residential space and complete facilities. The brilliance of the quality built into its design and every detail gives you a sense of satisfaction.

COMFORIA knows where peace of mind comes from.

COMFORIA offers security levels befitting an urban life and reliable architectural quality in areas such as earthquake-resistance and fireproof performance, creating a place that makes you feel more relaxed than anywhere else.

COMFORIA knows how residents feel.

At a COMFORIA residence, you can enjoy life in the city the way you want by making good use of our wide variety of lifestyle services. Our call centers respond to residents to provide a sense of security in emergencies. We support your feeling of everyday well-being with our meticulous hospitality services.

Luxury Rental Condominium: Tokyu Apartment

Tokyu Apartment is a luxury rental condominium produced by Tokyu Land Corporation. We provide advanced residential spaces for executives who enjoy stylish lifestyles in Tokyo. We also offer a range of properties tailored for a wide range of lifestyles. Feel free to enjoy these exclusive spaces for relaxation at Tokyu Apartment.