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Taking advantage of our strengths as a company that operates a diverse range of facilities at leading resorts in」apanand other countries, we will effectively highlight the appeal of resorts in Japan to proactively respond to global needs and attract foreign visitors, who are expected to come to」apan in greater numbers in the future.

Tokyu Harvest Club

The pleasure of owning a resort villa and the comfort of staying at a hotel

Tokyu Harvest Club

Tokyu Harvest Club was established in Tateshina, Nagano, in 1988. The underlying concept for this club was "the pleasure of owning a resort villa and the comfort of staying at a hotel."

Resort Hotels

Resort hotels

Through our core services centered on accommodation facilities, we provide a wide range of resort services all year-round, such as skiing in the winter as well as golf and tennis from spring to autumn. There is also a flower park that gives people the opportunity to enjoy the flowers of each season.

Resort Complexes

Resort complexes

This is a comprehensive resort that allows people to enjoy "playing, staying, and eating" at the same time, and provides private spaces suitable for individual leisure.

Overseas Resorts

Overseas resorts

We operate Palau Pacific Resort in the Republic of Palau, seeking to achieve the best balance between development and environmental preservation. This resort facility celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014.

Palau Pacific Resort

Golf Courses

Golf courses

Tokyu Land Corporation has operated golf courses for more than 40 years, beginning with Oita Tokyu Golf Club, which opened in 1975.
We offer a variety of golf courses making full of natural terrain.

Ski Resorts

Ski resorts

Ski resorts operated by Tokyu Land Corporation feature a rich variety of facilities, courses, and type variations.