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Basic Policy on the Proper Handling of Specific Personal Information

TOKYU LAND CORPORATION (the "Corporation") promotes the following efforts as an organization to ensure the proper handling of individual numbers and specific personal information* ("Specific Personal Information, etc.") in accordance with the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures (the "My Number Act").

1. Name of Business Operator


2. Compliance with Related Laws and Regulations and Guidelines, etc.

The Corporation shall comply with the My Number Act and other related laws and regulations, as well as rules and other guidelines, etc. issued by the Personal Information Protection Commission, when handling Specific Personal Information, etc.

3. Matters Concerning Security Control Measures

The Corporation shall establish and comply with separate Rules for the Protection of Specific Personal Information, to ensure the proper management of Specific Personal Information, including the prevention of leaks, loss, or damage to Specific Personal Information.

4. On-going Improvements

The Corporation shall continually review and improve the Rules for the Protection of Specific Personal Information and the internal system for implementing the Rules, to ensure that the Rules and the internal system continue to be effective and appropriate.

5. Contact Point for Inquiries and Complaints

Inquiries or complaints concerning the Corporation's handling of Specific Personal Information, etc., can be made to the following contact point.

Contact Point for Inquiries and Complaints

Please refer to subsections (8) and (9) of Section 1, "Procedures, etc. for Information Disclosure, Correction, and the Suspension of Use of Personal Information" under "Inquiries Regarding Personal Information".

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

*Specific Personal Information: personal information that includes individual numbers (so-called "My Number").